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A cell with a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.
a) Eukaryote b) Prokaryotes c) d)
A cell without a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.
a) Prokaryote b) Eukaryote c) d)
The main storage organelle for genetic materials (DNA and RNA).
a) Nucleus b) Mitochondria c) d)
It's like the skeleton of the cell. It provides a framework for a cell and gives it its shape.
a) Cytoskeleton b) Cell membrane c) Cell Wall d) Nuclear membrane
A phospholipid barrier that separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm and other organelles.
a) nuclear membrane (nuclear envelope) b) cell membrane c) cell wall d)
an organelle that contains chlorophyll; it can turn light energy into chemical energy
a) Chloroplasts b) Mitochondria c) d)
Interconnected tubes and sacs used in the manufacturing of proteins that DO HAVE RIBOSOMES connected to them.
a) Rough ER b) Smooth ER c) d)
A whip-like or tail-like structure that can move a cell.
a) Flagella b) Cilia c) d)
A small organelle that manufactures proteins; (it’s found in prokaryotes too)
a) Ribosomes b) Mitochondria c) Nucleus d) Chloroplasts
several hair-like structures on the surface of a cell that can move the cell (or move material over the cell)
a) Cilia b) Flagella c) d)
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