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A structure that allows a cell to move. It's kind of like a whip or a tail.
a) Flagella b) Cilia c) d)
A vesicle with a membrane that contains digestive enzymes used for breaking down materials within the cell. (the clean up crew of the cell)
a) Lysosome b) Ribosome c) d)
This structure is found inside of the nucleus. It makes the rRNA needed to make ribosomes.
a) Nucleolus b) Ribosome c) Mitochondria d)
This organelle is usually found in the center of a cell. It is considered the control center of the cell and contains the DNA. It is not found in prokaryotes.
a) Nucleus b) Ribosome c) Nucleolus d) Chloroplast
An organelle that looks like a bunch of flattened sacs; it packages proteins (from the rough ER) into vesicles labels them for shipment out of the cell. (like the post office of the cell)
a) Golgi apparatus b) Vacuole c) Ribosome d) Cilia
Interconnected tubes that create lipids, phospholipids, and steroids- the one WITHOUT the ribosomes.
a) Smooth ER b) Rough ER c) d)
A storage structure that can hold water, food, and waste. They are large in plant cells.
a) Vacuole b) Mitochondria c) Ribosome d) Chloroplast
An organelle with 2 membranes (an inner and an outer) that is used to produce energy for the cell. (muscles cells have a lot of these because they need a lot of energy).
a) Mitochondria b) Ribosomes c) Chloroplasts d) Nucleus
A small organelle that manufactures proteins; (it’s found in prokaryotes too)
a) Ribosomes b) Chloroplasts c) Mitochondria d) Nucleus
A structure NOT found in animals cells that provides a strong rigid barrier around a cell to provide structure and safety.
a) Cell wall b) Cell membrane c) Ribosome d) Chloroplast
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