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When you stand facing sound, you are looking toward the
a) prime meridian b) Eastern Hemisphere c) North Pole d) South Pole
What do you look at to understand what the symbols on a map stand for?
a) a map key b) a map scale c) a global grid d) a compass rose
Mapmakers often use the color blue on maps to stand for
a) oceans b) mountains c) the Easter Hemisphere d) the North Pole
Lines of longiture and latitude are imaginary lines whed to show the
a) location of places on Earth b) number of miles between two places c) intermediate directions on a map d) elevation of places above sea level
Which kind of special-purpose map would help you plan a driving trip of the Grand Canyon?
a) a road map b) a physical map c) a rainfall map d) a historical map
A plateau is a landform that is
a) high and flat b) cold and rainy c) far from the oceans d) drained by rivers
How was the Mississippi River most like a highway?
a) Families whizzed along it b) State police patrolled it c) Goods were moved on it d) Trucks and buses used it
In which way did Hurricane Katrina most harm the city of New Orleans?
a) San was carried in from the beach b) Floods caused the levees to break c) Buildings were rattled by high winds d) Dark clouds caused cold temperatures
Which region is inland?
a) Midwest b) Southeast c) Northeast d) West
Which direction would you travel from the Southeast to go visit the West?
a) northwest b) northeast c) southwest d) southeast
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