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A person who makes or grows something
a) producer b) consumer c) factory d) services
Jobs people do that help other people
a) consumer b) factory c) services d) human resource
Someone who buys or uses goods or services
a) consumer b) producer c) factory d) human resource
The money people earn
a) services b) goods c) price d) income
The things that people make or grow to sell
a) services b) goods c) factory d) income
A building where people work to make goods
a) shelter b) wants c) needs d) factory
The amount of money consumers pay for goods and services
a) price b) bank c) capital resource d) scarcity
people (farm workers, business owners, factory workers)
a) capital resource b) human resource c) scarcity d) barter
the exchange of goods or services without the use of money
a) trade b) income c) barter d) price
The buying and selling of goods and services
a) trade b) barter c) capital d) price
A service provided by a bank. The bank keeps the money until people need it.
a) bank b) capital resource c) savings account d) barter
Human made resources such as tools, machinery, buildings, and trucks
a) capital resources b) human resources c) scarcity d) trade
The lack of resources needed to supply all the goods and services consumers want and need. (not having enough of something for everyone who wants it.
a) specialize b) barter c) trade d) scarcity
To choose to do one thing very well or to produce one type of product. (Farmers who grow one crop)
a) specialize b) barter c) trade d) human resource
A safe place where people can keep money until they need it.
a) savings account b) price c) bank d) factory
things you must have to live
a) wants b) needs c) income d) goods
Some thing that protects or covers
a) shelter b) factory c) wants d) needs
things that people would like to have
a) wants b) needs c) goods d) income
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