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Who said this: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.
a) Esther b) Herodotus c) Xerxes d) Alexander the Great
Who was the ruler who blended some Persian customs with Greek culture?
a) Alexander the Great b) Cyrus the Great c) Ahasuerus d) Darius the Great
What is a rendering?
a) a battle b) a marathon c) an intepretation d) a map
What is a satrapy?
a) a coin b) a Greek province c) a ruler d) a Persian province
What do we call the Greek Culture that made its way into other lands?
a) Greek b) Hellenistic c) Alexandrian d) Persian
How did the Cyrus Cylinder become an important testimony to the truth of God's Word?
a) by describing the story about Esther saving the Jews b) by describing how Cyrus allowed the Israelites to return and rebuild God's house c) by describing how Darius allowed the Israelites to return and rebuild God's house d) by describing the rule of Xerxes
What event led to the Persian Wars?
a) the rebelling of Greek city states in Asia Minor against the Persians b) people ran out of money c) the rebelling of Persian city states in Asia Minor against the Persians d) the problem with the bridge
What two empires did Cyrus II conquer?
a) Chaldean Empire and Greece b) Persia and Greece c) Lydia and Greece d) Chaldean Empire and Lydia
What system did Darius build and maintain to keep the empire connected?
a) the Silk Road b) money system c) trade system d) road system
Who won the Persian War?
a) Greece b) Persia c) Asia Minor d) no one
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