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The preserved remains or evidence of an ancient organism
a) evolution b) fossils c) adaptation d) vestigial organ
The process by which unrelated organisms independently evolve similarities when adapting to similar environments
a) Evolution b) Adaptation c) Convergent Evolution d) Divergent Evolution
An organ that serves no useful function in an organism; remain of ancestor.
a) vestigial structure b) homologous structure c) analogous structure d) adaptation
The inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival
a) evolution b) divergent evolution c) convergent evolution d) adaptation
The structures that have different mature forms in different organisms but develop from the same embryonic tissues
a) vestigial structure b) homologous structure c) analogous structures d) adaptation
The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in its environment
a) adaptation b) natural selection c) fitness d) evolution
Selection by humans for breeding of useful traits from the natural variation among different organisms
a) artificial selction b) natural selction c) survival of the fittest d) adaptation
A change in a kind of organism over time
a) Variation b) Natural Selection c) Adaptation d) Evolution
A well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations
a) Evolution b) Theory c) Hypothesis d) Natural Selection
process by which individuals that are better suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully.
a) adaptation b) evolution c) survival of the fittest d) fitness
Species splits into two or more descendant species, resulting in once similar or related species to become more and more dissimilar.
a) CoEvolution b) Analogous strurcture c) Divergent Evolution d) Convergent Evolution
The process by which two species evolve in response to changes in each other.
a) CoEvolution b) Divergent Evolution c) Convergent Evolution d) Natural Selection
A trait or an organ that appears similar in two unrelated organisms.
a) Homologous Structure b) Vestigial Structure c) Natural Selection d) Analogous Structure
The differences among individuals of a species.
a) Natural Selection b) CoEvolution c) Divergent Evolution d) Natural Variation
The principle that all living things have a common ancestor.
a) Evolution b) Artificial Selction c) Natural Selection d) Common Descent
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