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Who wanted to rid the culture of Greek influences and bring back what was Perisan?
a) Cyrus II b) Darius c) The Sassanid Kings d) Xerxes
What was Daniel's interpretation of the handwriting on the Chaldean palace wall?
a) Everything is going well. b) This is a good king. c) God had numbered the days of the Chaldean empire and it had come to an end. d) God was going to bless the Chaldean empire.
What kind of government did Darius set up to help govern the whole empire?
a) no government b) a local government c) a weak government d) a centralized government
What encouraged trade during the rule of Darius?
a) road system and common currency b) only roads c) only common currency d) low prices
Who did God give favor with Xerxes to in order to bring about the deliverance of His people?
a) Mary b) Esther c) no one d) Cyrus
Who was the ruler who blended some Persian customs with Greek culture?
a) Cyrus II b) Darius c) Alexander the Great d) Xerxes
Who was the ruler of the Persian Empire at its greatest size and power?
a) Cyrus II b) Alexander the Great c) Darius the Great d)
Who was the ruler who showed tolerance to his subjects by letting them keep their own customs and religious beliefs?
a) Cyrus II b) Alexander c) Ahasuerus d)
Who won the battle of Marathon?
a) Persia b) Greece c) d)
Who won the battle of Thermopylae?
a) Persia b) Greece c) d)
Who won the battle of Salamis?
a) Persia b) Greece c) d)
The king's own special military forces was called the ___________.
a) immortals b) Avesta c) interpretation d) the Thermopolyae
Who founded the main religion of ancient Persia?
a) Cyrus b) Alexander c) Zoroaster d)
Who won the Persian War?
a) Greece b) Persia c) d)
What is the name of a Persian province?
a) satrapy b) Avesta c) Ahasuerus d)
What is a gold coin stamped with Darius' image called?
a) daric b) darius c) d)
What is a race of 26.2 miles?
a) a marathon b) the Royal Road c) d)
What is a rendering?
a) an interpretation b) the Avesta c) d)
what are magi
a) priests in the Persian Empire b) kings in the Persian Empire c) d)
What are the holy writings of Zoroastrianism?
a) the Avesta b) scripture c) d)
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