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What was the estimated amount of deaths that occurred during the Holocaust?
a) 1-5 million b) 5-11 million c) 11-17 million d) 17-22 million
What was Hitler's Final Solution?
a) forced the Jews to relocate to the U.S. b) it relocated the Jews into ghettos ins Warsaw and Krakow c) forced Jews into concentration camps throughout Europe d) the creation of Israel
Which was an aspect of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935?
a) Jews were not able to become German citizens b) Jews could not marry Germans c) JEws were required to wear the Star of David for identification purposes d) all of the above
The Holocaust was a planned persecution and elimination of the Jews that were not view favorable by the ___.
a) Germans b) Japanese c) Italians d) Soviets
The Battle of ___ was the first offensive and turning point against the Japanese.
a) Coral Sea b) Leningrad c) Midway d) Guadalcanal
The Battle of ___ saved Australia from a Japanese invasion.
a) Coral Sea b) Leningrad c) Midway d) Guadalcanal
Island hopping was the U.S. military strategy used against which Axis Power?
a) Italy b) Japan c) Germany d) All of the above
Which caused the U.S. to abandon their neutrality during WWII?
a) French surrender to the Nazis b) Battle of Britain c) bombing of Pearl Harbor d) the Holocaust
The U.S. Congress passed the ___ Act in 1941 which allowed for the U.S. to lend/loan the allies supplies or weapons?
a) Lease-Lend b) Loan-Lend c) Lend-Loan d) Lend-Lease
Which event DID NOT happen prior to the start of WWII?
a) Japan invaded Manchuria b) Japan withdrew from the League of Nations c) Japan attacked the communist forces in China d) Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
Which event marked the start of WWII?
a) Nazi invasion of Denmark and Norway b) Nazi and Soviet invasion of Poland c) bombing of Pearl Harbor d) French surrender to the Nazis
In 1936, Germany and Italy sent troops and weapons to Franco to assist in the __ Civil War.
a) Dutch b) Spanish c) French d) Austrian
At the ___ Conference of 1938, Hitler wanted to annex the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.
a) Munich b) Berlin c) Vienna d) Yalta
___, ___, and ___ all formed the Axis Alliance in 1936.
a) Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany b) Ottoman Empire, Italy, Germany c) Germany, Italy, Japan d) Soviet Union, Japan, Germany
What were the causes of WWII?
a) military aggression of Japan, Germany and Italy b) Japan, Italy, and Germany all wanted to start empires c) the rest of the world did not want to stop Japan, Germany an Italy d) All of the above
What was the name of the trials in which over 20 Nazi leaders were tried for crimes against humanity after the Holocaust?
a) Nazi Trials b) Holocaust Trials c) Nuremberg Trials d) Nuremberg Laws
Zionism was the support of a Jewish Homeland (Israel) in the area formerly known as ___.
a) Egypt b) Jordan c) Lebanon d) Palestine
Israel defeated Egypt and four other Arab countries while gaining valuable territory such as the West Bank and Jerusalem during what conflict?
a) The Suez Crisis b) Six Days War c) Eight Days War d) Yom Kippur War
The Israelis were attacked by the Arabs on their Holy Day during this conflict.
a) Suez Crisis b) Six Days War c) Eight Days War d) Yom Kippur War
Who led the Palestinian Liberation Organization for an Independent Palestine?
a) Gamel Nasser b) Yasir Arafat c) Anwar Sadat d) Yitzak Rabin
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