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This is another name for the resolution of the story
a) Exposition b) Denoeument c) Falling Action d) Connotation
This is how the author feels about what they write-Mr. Ta
a) Mood b) Dialect c) Tone d) Irritated
This is a group of lines in a poem
a) Rhyme b) Stanza c) Legend d) Alliteration
This is the central message or moral of a story
a) Plot b) Conflict c) Climax d) Theme
Figurative Langauge that compares two things that are NOT alike
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Mantatory d) Idiom
The repetition of the consonant sound-She Sells Sea Shells
a) Dialect b) Onomatopoeia c) Alliteration d) Hyperbole
a) Onomatopoeia b) Alliteration c) Denotation d) Idiom
This is the defintion of a word right from the Dictionary
a) Connotation b) Conflict c) Spelling d) Denotation
The feelings associated with words-May be +,-, or =
a) Mood b) Connotation c) Tone d) Definition
A HUGE exaggeration
a) Hydra b) Lie c) Hyperbole d) Metaphor
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