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Which of the following is NOT a property of stars?
a) color b) temperature c) weight d) mass
Pairs of stars pulled together by gravity are called:
a) bifocus stars b) bisimilar stars c) binocular stars d) binary stars
The color of a star gives clues as to the stars:
a) brightness b) density c) mass d) temperature
Binary stars are used to calculate which property of stars?
a) mass b) density c) temperature d) color
The apparent change in position of a star when seen from opposite sides of Earth's orbit is called:
a) orbit b) parallax c) revolution d) magnitude
The nearest stars to Earth have parallax angles that are the:
a) smallest b) largest c) most unmeasureable d) least unmeasureable
The distance light travels in one year is called a:
a) stellar year b) light year c) distance year d) parsec
Which of the following is NOT a factor that controls the apparent brightness of a star?
a) how old it is b) how big it is c) how hot it is d) how far away it is
A star's brightness as it appears from Earth is called its:
a) absolute magnitude b) variable magnitude c) definite magnitude d) apparent magnitude
What is the term for how bright a star actually is?
a) apparent magnitude b) absolute magnitude c) variable magnitude d) definite magnitude
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