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How well citizens live based on good public services, education, health, and good jobs
a) specialization b) standard of living c) literacy rate d) opportunity cost
The value of all goods and services produced in a country in one year
a) capital gooods b) GDP (Gross Domestic Product) c) human capital d) literacy rate
The percentage of people who can read and write
a) exchange rate b) standard of living c) GDP d) literacy rate
How much one currency is worth in terms of another
a) currency b) Stock Market c) exchange rate d) literacy rate
Gifts from nature
a) entrepreneurs b) natural resources c) human capital d) capital goods
People who perform labor
a) human capital b) natural resources c) entrepreneurs d) capital goods
People control based on supply and demand
a) market b) command c) mixed d) traditional
Items that people need to perform their jobs
a) human capital b) Capital goods c) entrepreneurs d) natural resources
Government control
a) market b) command c) mixed d) traditional
Mixture of pure Command and pure Market
a) mixed b) command c) market d) traditional
Produce what they need to survive (hunting, farming, or gathering)
a) market b) command c) traditional d) mixed
People with new ideas who are willing to take risks to start a business or make a product
a) human capital b) stock broler c) entrepreneurs d) capital goods
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