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Who wasn't part of the big three?
a) Mao Zedong b) Josef Stalin c) FDR d) Winston Churchill
The Occupation Zone was dealing with the split of this Axis Country
a) Germany b) Austria c) Italy d) Japan
The _________ Conference settled the split up of Germany
a) Yalta b) Berlin c) Vienna d) Paris
The Federal Republic of Germany was democratic ______ Germany
a) West b) East c) North d) South
The German Democratic Republic was communist _______ Germany
a) East b) West c) North d) South
The __________ Doctrine was how the U.S. was going to deal with the spread of communism
a) Truman b) Roosevelt c) Eisenhower d) Kennedy
The __________ Plan gave $12.5 billion to help rebuild Western Europe.
a) Marshall b) Fields c) Churchill d) Stalin
The _______ Miracle was how this former Axis Power became a world power again.
a) Japanese b) German c) Italian d) Soviet
The _________ was the international organization following the League of Nations
a) United Nations b) United States c) Urban League d) Rural League
Democratic Alliance of countries in Europe Post WWII
a) NATO b) Warsaw Pact c) d)
Communist Alliance of countries in Europe Post WWII
a) Warsaw Pact b) NATO c) d)
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