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What is mass?
a) The amount of substance that a body is made up of. b) Weight c) Matter d) the size of an object
When travelling to Jupiter __________ changes.
a) Mass b) nothing c) Weight d) color hair
John has a mass of 60kg on Earth. What is his weight if g = 10N/kg ?
a) 6N b) 60N c) 600 N d) 10N
Piggy has a weight of 660N on the moon. What is Piggy's mass on Earth, given that g = 10/6 N/kg on the moon?
a) 396kg b) 660kg c) 396N d) 660N
Mary has a mass of 80kg and she travels to the moon. What is her mass on the moon?
a) 8kg b) 800kg c) 80N d) 80kg
Mass is measured using a
a) beam balance b) spring balance c) thermometer d) clock
Kilogram is a unit for
a) mass b) time c) weight d) force
Newton is a unit for
a) weight b) mass c) time d) length
Weight is measured using a
a) clock b) spring balance c) thermometer d) burette
When travelling to the moon, ___________ remains the same.
a) weight b) nothing c) everything d) mass
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