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Which animal goes through incomplete metamorphosis?
a) grasshopper b) person c) butterfly d)
What is the average life span of a human being?
a) 10 to 20 years b) 80 to 100 years c) 75 to 80 years d)
Which animal goes through complete metamorphosis?
a) butterfly b) grasshopper c) damselfly d)
The stages of growth and change make up an organism's?
a) life cycle b) metamorphosis c) heredity d)
What are the four stages of metamorphosis in order?
a) egg, pupa, larva, adult b) egg, larva, pupa, adult c) adult, pupa, egg, larva d)
What is a change in body form called?
a) life span b) metamorphosis c) reproduction d)
What is a young wormlike organism with a form different than its parent called?
a) larva b) pupa c) adult d)
Larvae and nymphs specialize in ______ and _______.
a) eating and growing b) breeding and growing c) sleeping and growing d)
What do adult animals specialize in?
a) eating b) sleeping c) breeding d)
What is the male cell called?
a) egg b) sperm c) spawn d)
Fertilization produces a developing animal called an?
a) pupa b) adult c) embryo d)
What is the passing of traits from parents to offspring called?
a) metamorphosis b) reproduction c) heredity d)
What is the female cell called?
a) egg b) sperm c) nymph d)
What are the stages of incomplete metamorphosis in order?
a) nymph, egg, adult b) adult, egg, nymph c) egg, nymph, adult d)
Adult tissues and organs form during what stage in metamorphosis?
a) egg b) larva c) pupa d)
The making of offspring is called?
a) reproduction b) life cycle c) heredity d)
_____ is when an animal develops from just part of the original animal.
a) heredity b) metamorphosis c) regeneration d)
Offspring inherit traits from ____ parents.
a) one b) no c) both d)
How long an animal lives is called its?
a) life span b) heredity c) metamorphosis d)
All organism follow the same general pattern of life: birth, ____, reproduction,and ______.
a) eating, learning b) eating, sleeping c) growth, death d)
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