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A portable drive that stores data (information
a) Flash Drive b) c) d)
A stationary drive for storage
a) C: Drive b) c) d)
A computer that provides data to other computers on a network
a) Server b) c) d)
A web address
a) URL b) c) d)
Another word for information. It can be numbers or text
a) data b) c) d)
A slideshow presentation developed by Microsoft
a) Microsoft Powerpoint b) c) d)
Word Processor developed by Microsoft
a) Microsoft Word b) c) d)
The working space on your computer desktop located on the C: Drive
a) Desktop b) c) d)
Computers connect to each other to share data
a) network b) c) d)
A collection of data or information
a) database b) c) d)
Electronic device for storing data and processing data
a) Computer b) c) d)
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