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organisms that take in nutrients from other living things
a) protist b) kingdoms c) fungi d) moneran
an animal with a backbone
a) vertebrate b) bacteria c) moneran d) invertebrate
a plant that has tubes that carry food and water
a) nonvascular plant b) vertebrate c) bacteria d) vascular plant
a single celled microorganism and can be like an animal or plant
a) moneran b) protist c) bacteria d) fungi
a microorganism that has only one cell and its nucleus is spread throughout the cell
a) fungi b) protist c) bacteria d) moneran
an animal that has no backbone
a) moneran b) invertebrate c) vertebrate d) bacteria
a kind of moneran and can cause harm or be helpful
a) fungi b) protist c) bacteria d) moneran
a plant that has no tubes to carry food and water
a) vascular plant b) moneran c) invertebrate d) nonvascular plant
a tiny organism made up of a few cells or a single cell
a) protist b) microorganism c) bacteria d) moneran
the major groups of living things
a) fungi b) kingdoms c) bacteria d) moneran
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