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_____ a mathematical expression sometimes link numbers in cells
a) function b) enter c) cell name d) formula
____ the cell currently in use
a) active cell b) cell name c) autofill d) values
_____ is a number in a cell
a) Values b) Labels c) Function d) Formulas
_____ is how cells are identified
a) Cell name b) Active cell c) Cell d) Cell references
_____ is a grid made of column and rows
a) Worksheet b) Values c) Active Cell d) Cell References
____ where the column and row meet to make a box
a) Cell b) Active Cell c) Cell References d) Values
____ Rules for carrying out mathematical operation
a) Order of Evaluation b) Function c) Cell References d) Active cell
A symbol used to begin a formula
a) cell references b) function c) equal sign d) formula
____a shortcut to a formula used frequently
a) Function b) Cell references c) Cell d) Active cell
Also known as the cell address
a) Cell References b) Cell name c) Cell d) Autofill
_____Text or combination of numbers and text
a) Values b) Labels c) Enter d) Cell
______ Completes a formula or confirms edit
a) Enter b) Results c) Charts d) Function
type the first item in a series then drag the data to automatically insert data
a) Autofill b) Enter c) Values d) Labels
Also called graphs
a) charts b) cells c) values d) labels
What appears in a cell when you enter a formula
a) results b) function c) formula d) autofill
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