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Which physical feature is located between the Mediterranean Sea and other populous areas of Africa and is used as a trade route?
a) Ethiopian Highlands b) Sahara Desert c) Atlas Mountains d) Sahel
The absence of rainfall is referred to as
a) Desertification b) Deforestation c) Flooding d) Drought
Although it could potentially damage the environment, Chad’s economy could be improved by enhancing production of which natural resource?
a) Gold b) Diamonds c) Oil d) Iron Ore
What body of water does Egypt and Sudan rely on for irrigation of their crops?
a) Nile River b) Lake Tanganyika c) Congo River d) Lake Victoria
What agricultural condition threatens the land in Kenya, Botswana, and Mali?
a) Desertification b) Smog c) Flah Floods d) Monsoons
Which climate zones do animals such as buffalo, gazelles, and zebras live?
a) Sahara Desert b) Tropical Rainforest c) Sahel d) Savannah
What is the world’s longest river?
a) Niger River b) Nile River c) Congo River d) Zambezi River
Sudan borders which major physical feature in Africa?
a) Drakensburg Mountains b) Atlas Mountains c) Sahara Desert d) Kalahari Desert
Which mountain range stretches from Southwest Morrocco to Northern Tunisia?
a) Ahaggar Mountains b) Drakensburg Mountains c) Atlas Mountains d) East African Mountains
Gold, coal, diamonds, and platinum are all major resources for which African Region?
a) East b) North c) West d) South
Which is the best climate zone in Africa for crop production?
a) Savannah b) Sahara c) Sahel d) Rain Forest
What is the deepest lake in Africa?
a) Lake Victoria b) Lake Malawi c) Lake Tanganyika d) Lake Turkana
What is the largest desert in the world?
a) Kalahari Desert b) Namib Desert c) Sahara Desert d) Egyptian Desert
What resource do Southern African countries have in common?
a) Salt b) Coal c) Iron Ore d) Gold
How did Libya begin improving their economy in 1958?
a) Exporting Petroleum b) Mining Diamonds c) Raising Livestock d) Extracting Oil
The Nile river is important to Africa because it provides:
a) Transportation and irrigation b) Petroleum and gold c) Irrigation and uranium d) Oil and Diamonds
What natural resource would likely be found in South Africa?
a) oil b) petroleum c) diamonds d) iron
Which etnic group lives on the Eas African coast?
a) Swahili b) Khoikhoi c) San (Bushmen) d) Arab
Which ethnic group worships the Golden Stool that represents the strength of the nation?
a) Bedouins b) Khoisan c) Ashanti d) Ibo
What was the purpose of the Bantu Expansion?
a) It was a part of their religious beliefs b) They wanted to live closer to their famlies c) They were forced out by another ethnic group d) To seek more land and produce more crops
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