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This button changes the style of the letters you are typing
a) Color b) Font c) Alignment d) SIze
Insert a picture, change font color, change font size, spell check, and insert a drawing are all examples of
a) Buttons b) Groups c) Tabs d) Formats
In your drive, you should organize your documents into
a) Interface b) Fonts c) Tabs d) Folders
You must give your document a title before you share it
a) True b) False c) d)
File, Insert, View, and Review are all examples of
a) Tabs b) Buttons c) Groups d) Fonts
When you want to add a drawing to to your document, you must click the _________ tab.
a) Edit b) Insert c) File d) Buttons
All of the tabs and buttons are called the
a) Groups b) Quick Access Toolbar c) Ribbon d) Alignment
When you want to communicate with someone you are working on a document with you click the_________ button.
a) Share b) Ribbon c) Save As d) Comment
When you want another person to view or edit your document, you click the ________button.
a) Share b) Comment c) Buttons d) Undo
When you want to indent a paragraph which key do you press on the keyboard?
a) Caps Lock b) Num Lock c) Tab d) Shift
When you want to add a picture to your document, you use this tab
a) Review b) Home c) File d) Insert
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