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What happens when you connect the two poles of a generator directly?
a) Nothing b) Short circuit c) Butterfly effect d) A washing machine
Which greek letter stands for the unit Ohm?
a) Alpha b) Gamma c) Omega d) Beta
What geometric shape is used as a trick with Ohm's law?
a) Circle b) Square c) Triangle d) Rectangle
What simil can you use to imagine Voltage?
a) A narrow pipe b) Electrical pressure c) Obstacles in the way of the electrones d) Light bulb
What charge have protons?
a) Positive b) Negative c) No charge d) Magnetic
What does the word electricity in its origin mean?
a) Don't touch b) Current c) Amber d) A real shake
What is Resistance per Intensity of current? RxI?
a) Coulomb b) Tension c) Ampere d) Electrons
What is the name of your Technology teacher?
a) Alessandro Volta b) Nicolas Ampere c) Georg Simon Ohm d) Roberto
What element in an electric circuit is a generator?
a) Switch b) Wire c) Motor d) Battery
What magnitude has Amps as unit?
a) Intensity of current b) Tension c) Ohm d) Charge
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