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This is the trading of goods between the Europeans and the Natives of the New World
a) Embargo Act b) Middle Passage c) Colombian Exchange d) Economy
All of these were reasons for early exploration EXCEPT
a) God b) Glory c) Potato Famine d) Gold
Which one of these was NOT a powerful country during exploration?
a) England b) France c) America d) Spain
What was the first successful colony founded in America in the year 1607?
a) Jamestown b) Pennsylvania c) Georgia d) Delware
Jamestown was only successful because of which cash crop?
a) Indigo b) Rice c) Cotton d) Tobacco
In 1620 the Pilgrims arrived and established which colony?
a) Massachusetts b) Rhode Island c) Virginia d) New York
All of these were reasons for establishment in the New World except
a) Social b) Glory c) Political d) Religious
This English document limited the King's power
a) Magna Carta b) Mayflower Compact c) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut d) Virginia House of Burgesses
An agreement signed by the Pilgrims that established the idea of self government
a) Magna Carta b) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut c) Mayflower Compact d) Virginia House of Burgesses
The first written Constitution of the colonies
a) Mayflower Compact b) Virginia House of Burgesses c) Magna Carta d) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
This was the first representative assembly in the American colonies
a) Magna Carta b) Virginia House of Burgesses c) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut d) Mayflower Compact
First battle of the American Revolution to defend our arsenal
a) Yorktown b) Gettysburg c) Lexington and Concord d) Treaty of Paris
Why is Saratoga considered the turning point of the war?
a) The French came to fight with us b) We won our independence c) The King issued more taxes d) The French decided they would help us
This group was led by Samuel Adams and performed acts of civil disobedience
a) Son's of Anarchy b) Founding Fathers c) Son's of Liberty d) Son's of England
This document was written to the King to state colonial grievances
a) Olive Branch Petition b) Declaration of Independence c) Magna Carta d) Monroe Doctrine
Last battle of the American Revolution where the French showed up to help
a) Yorktown b) Lexington and Concord c) Treaty of Paris d) Saratoga
Who was the Commander of the Continental Army during the Revolution?
a) Benjamin Franklin b) James Armistead c) Crispus Attucks d) George Washington
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