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Which describes Gregor Mendel?
a) Father of Genetics b) Some one who studied pea plants c) A monk d) All of the above
What is a heterozygous allele?
a) two of the same allels b) two diffrent allels c) d)
When you insert the DNA of one organism into another organism it is called,
a) Cloning b) Mutation c) Selective Breeding d) Genetic Engineering
If your dad has Gg traits for green hair and your mom has bb traits for blue hair what is the chance you will have blue hair?
a) 0% b) 50% c) 75% d) 100%
Which goes thorough asexual reproduction?
a) Monkeys b) Humans c) Plants d) Elephants
How many genes do humans have
a) 100,000 b) 24,000 c) 15,000 d) 1,500
How many chromosomes are in a reproductive cell? (before sexual reproduction)
a) 57 b) 46 c) 23 d) 62
How many chromosomes are in a reproductive cell? (after sexual reproduction)
a) 52 b) 23 c) 67 d) 46
What is heredity?
a) The amount of genes we have b) Passing traits from offspring to parent c) Passing traits from parent to offspring d) None of the above
When an error in the DNA occurs what is it called?
a) Selctive breeding b) Mutation c) Mitiosis d) Meosis
What is asexual reproduction?
a) The organism having the ability to copy itself b) Man copying cells c) selecting certain cells to breed with d) All of the above
What is the difference between genotype and phenotype?
a) Phenotype: your genetic make up Genotype: physical apperance b) Genotype: your genetic make up Phenotype: physical apperance c) Genotype: hair color eye color DNA Phenotype DNA d) Phenotype: hair color eye color DNA Phenotype: DNA
What is inbreeding?
a) Mating with someone of the same mutations b) Mating with the same race c) Mating with someone the same age as you d) Mating with someone in your family
Which group MOST COMMONLY reproduces thorough sexual reproduction?
a) Animals b) Plants c) All of the above d) None of the above
What is true about a recessive allele?
a) It will always dominate over other allelles b) It is always covered up by the recessive allele c) It will be covered up by the dominate allelle unless the other alleles are also recessive d) There is no difference between the two allels
What is selective breeding?
a) Breeding two mutations togther b) Selcting ceartain organisms and breeding them together based on the traits they want the offspring to have c) Breeding two animals together based on their species d) None of the above
What is genetics
a) Study of offspring b) Study of heredity c) Punnet squares d) Genes
If your mom has an Dominant homozygous allele for green eyes and your dad has a recessive heterozygous allele for blue eyes what color eyes does the offspring have?
a) Blue b) Green c) One blue eye and green eye d) black eyes
When an organisms DNA is copied it is called:
a) Cloning b) Mutation c) d)
What is a homzygous allele
a) 2 diffrent allels b) 2 of the same allels c) d)
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