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French noble who fought alongside the Americans in the Revolutionary War.
a) Marquis de Lafayette b) Lord Cornwallis c) Lord Baltimore d) King George III
German soldiers paid to fight with the British.
a) Sons of Liberty b) Hessians c) Committee of Correspondence d) Minute Men
His plan to unite the colonies was called the Albany Plan.
a) Thomas Paine b) John Adams c) Sam Adams d) Benjamin Franklin
Wanted women to be included in equal rights.
a) Phyllis Wheatley b) Mercy Otis Warren c) Abigail Adams d) Deborah Sampson
He was the leader of the Continental Army and President of the Constitutional Convention.
a) George Washington b) Benjamin Franklin c) Thomas Jefferson d) John Adams
He warned the Patriots the British were marching to Concord.
a) Thomas Paine b) Thomas Jefferson c) Benjamin Frankln d) Paul Revere
One of the first colonists to speak out about the new taxes by writing plays, poems, and articles making fun of the British.
a) Mercy Otis Warren b) Thomas Paine c) Phyllis Wheatley d) James Madison
Argued for stronger state rights
a) Gouverneur Morris b) James Madison c) George Mason d) Thomas Jefferson
His notes helped historians know what occurred at the Constitutional Convention.
a) James Madison b) George Mason c) Thomas Jefferson d) George Washington
The main author of the Declaration of Independence.
a) James Madison b) Thomas Jefferson c) Thomas Paine d) George Washington
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