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Which of the following details helps the reader conclude that Gracie is curious.
a) When Gracie and Abbi entered the room, they both noticed the huge machines and monitors. b) Gracie's eyes widened as she walked up to one of the machines. c) When she saw the big red button, she knew she would have to push it to see what would happen. d) Lights and sirens went off the moment she pushed the button.
Which of the following is the main idea?
a) The room began to spin and lights blinked. b) Gracie apparently turned the machine on, and it began to work. c) A whirring noise emanated from the huge contraption. d) They could both feel the vibrations through their feet as the machine rocked.
Which sentence supports the following main idea: The girls did were not sure what they should do next.
a) Gracie thought the girls should hit the red button again, but Abbi wanted to get out as soon as possible. b) The machine stopped; the girls stared at one another.f c) All the lights and sounds had ended as the machine came to a stop. d) Gracie and Abbi ran to the door.
Which of the following is the main idea?
a) When the girls opened the door, they were greeted by a completely unknown world. b) Where one would expect to see trees, the girls saw lollipops. c) Instead of streets, chocolate streams rolled over the hills. d) Birds of cotton candy flittered above their heads.
Which detail does not emphasize the inference that Abbi is mad at Gracie for pushing the button?
a) Abbi kicked Gracie in the shin and shouted at her. b) Gracie cowered from Abbi's angered stare. c) Abbi's red face spewed steam from her ears as she trounced toward Gracie. d) Before Abbi approached Gracie, she stopped to taste the wonderful strawberry roses.
What can the reader conclude from the following paragraph? Abbi and Gracie realized they were in a world of candy. They both smiled mischievous grins as they looked around. They both took off running toward the chocolate stream.
a) The girls were racing to the chocolate stream. b) The girls are happy to be in the candy world. c) Neither girl wants the lollipops. d) The two girls will never leave the new land.
What is the central message in of the following paragaph.
a) After hours of playing in the chocolate stream and eating more than their share of candy, the girls wanted to go home. b) Abbi soon began missing her mother and her new book. c) Gracie thought of her gymnastics practice she was missing. d) Both girls were beginning to get hungry and sleepy.
Which of the following sentences illustrates how the girls were feeling when they entered the machine.
a) Abbi and Gracie decided to get back in the machine and go home. b) They both slowly lumbereed into the machine and with deep sighs pushed the button again. c) The machine sputtered to life while Gracie and Abbi stood there. d) Once again Gracie and Abbi watched the machine crank up.
What inference can be deduced from the following sentence: Gracie and Abbi ran out of the machine and directly home to their parents.
a) The girls had homework to do. b) Both girls wanted to go back to the candy land. c) The machine was a time machine. d) The girls were relieved to be home where they were safe.
What can the reader predict about the girls?
a) The girls will go back to the candy land with all their friends. b) The girls will never tell anyone about their experience. c) The girls were dreaming. d) The girls enjoyed their time at the land of candy.
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