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You can change the vertical alignment of text on a page in the Page Setup dialog box.
a) True b) False c) d)
A format that can be added to the first letter in the first word of a paragraph or it can be added to the entire first word.
a) Drop Cap b) Style c) Watermark d)
How text is positioned between the top and bottom margins of a document.
a) Vertical Alignment b) Horizontal Alignment c) Left Alignment d)
______ are references that are printed at the end of a section of document.
a) Endnote b) Footnotes c) Quarternotes d) WorksCited
To give users a choice of items in a field, use a(n) ________.
a) Drop Down List b) Combo Box c) Text Field d)
Which tab do I go to begin Mail Merge?
a) Mailings Tab b) Page Layout c) Insert d)
What do I select to put all the information from the clipboard to the document at one time?
a) Paste All b) Clear All c) Paste d)
If you add comments to a document, all changes must be either accepted or rejected at one time.
a) False b) True c) d)
To bring data from another application into a word document.
a) Import b) Export c) Reject d)
A ghost image that appears behind the printed text on each page of a document.
a) Watermark b) Ghost Image c) Background d)
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