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Another name for debit.
a) payment b) credit c) deposit d) balance
Another word for credit.
a) deducted b) payment c) debit d) deposit
A weekly or semi-weekly check paid to you by your employer for work done.
a) credit b) deposit c) paycheck d) payment
A space on a check for filling in the reason you wrote the check.
a) overdraft b) memo c) check number d) check register
The expenditure of more money than you have in your account.
a) overdraft b) payment c) debit d) deposit
The amount left after you subtract checks written or deposits made.
a) withdrawals b) credits c) debits d) balance
This is a book where you keep a record of checks written, fees paid and deposits made
a) checks b) checking account c) check register d) balance
Amounts paid out of your account.
a) credit b) debit c) payment d) balance
Amounts paid into your account.
a) credit b) withdrawal c) deduction d) debit
Another name for someone who works at a bank.
a) attendant b) cashier c) teller d) both b and c
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