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What is the verb in the sentence: The cat slept all day.
a) cat b) slept c) the d) day
What is the adjective: The big boy wore a blue shirt.
a) blue b) boy c) big and blue d) big and boy
What is the noun: My teacher is crazy!
a) my b) teacher c) is d) crazy
The dogs _______ in the sun every afternoon.
a) lied b) laid c) lie d) lain
________ the first two rows empty.
a) Leave b) Left c) Let d) Leaved
What is the past tense of the verb: lay
a) lay b) lain c) layed d) laid
Everyone _________ to sally's book signing.
a) has went b) gone c) is going d) be going
What are quotation marks used for?
a) That is what a person is saying. b) It is what a person is going to do. c) It is what i person has did. d) It is what a person is thinking.
Which word is not a noun?
a) boy b) chalkboard c) ride d) store
Which is a proper noun?
a) store b) house c) boy d) Wal-Mart
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