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The kidney structure that encloses it and gives it a shiny appearance is the
a) renal capsule b) renal cortex c) renal pelvis d) renal medulla
The structure that carries blood into the kidney is known as the
a) renal vein b) renal artery c) renal cortex d) renal tubule
The tubule that expels urine from the body is the
a) ureters b) urethra c) renal tubule d) renal vein
The structure that carries the blood out of the kidney is known as the
a) renal artery b) ureters c) renal tubule d) renal vein
The tubules that carry the urine from the kidneys to the bladder are the
a) ureters b) urethra c) renal vein d) renal artery
The center region of the kidney is known as the
a) renal medulla b) renal pelvis c) renal pyramid d) renal cortex
The medial indentation of the kidney
a) renal pelvis b) renal medulla c) renal hilus d) renal artery
The triangular shaped regions that contain the renal tubules are the
a) renal pyramids b) renal column c) renal cortex d) calyces
The tissue that separates the pyramids in the medulla
a) calyces b) renal columns c) renal capsule d) renal tubules
The structural and function unit of the kidneys is the
a) capsule b) calyces c) cortex d) nephrons
The region of the kidney that funnels urine toward the ureters
a) renal pelvis b) renal cortex c) calyces d) renal medulla
Which of the following is not a process involved in urine formation
a) filtration b) secretion c) transfusion d) reabsorption
The process in which the glomerulus removes the majority of the fluid contents of the blood
a) filtration b) reabsorption c) secretion d) transfusion
The process in which large ions and drugs are actively transported from the vein and into the renal tubule.
a) secretion b) transfusion c) reabsorption d) filtration
The process in which 99% of filtrate is place back into the blood stream.
a) reabsorption b) transfusion c) filtration d) secretion
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