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Drugs that cause the central nervous system to speed up
a) depressants b) narcotics c) stimulants d) steroids
Drugs that slow down the central nervous system
a) depressants b) steroids c) hallucinogens d) stimulants
Steroids act like what hormone?
a) adrenaline b) testosterone c) estrogen d) dopamine
Hallucinogens distort what?
a) decision making b) reflexes c) eye hand coordination d) senses
Narcotics are depressants that help reduce what?
a) eyesight b) bleeding c) pain d) addictions
What are commercially available products that people use to inhale the gaseous fumes?
a) inhalants b) depressants c) hallucinogens d) narcotics
What is an example of a stimulant
a) nicotine b) caffeine c) cocaine d) all the other choices
What is an example of a depressant
a) caffeine b) alcohol c) PCP d) Ecstasy
What is an example of a hallucinogen?
a) Ecstasy b) LSD c) PCP d) all the above
What is the active ingredient in marijuana?
a) PCP b) THC c) EXF d) LSD
The body develops a chemical (bodily) need for a drug
a) withdrawal b) psychological dependence c) physical dependence d) tolerance
The body adjusts to the effects of a drug. You need more to achieve the same effect.
a) withdrawal b) tolerance c) addiction d) abuse
symptoms that occur when a person stops using a drug after they developed dependence
a) withdrawal b) tolerance c) abuse d) addiction
Which method of administration puts a drug into the blood fastest?
a) skin popping b) intramuscular c) intravenous d) applied
Which method of administration is the slowest?
a) mainlining b) swallowing it c) applying it d) injection
To be a drug, the substance needs to change the body in what way?
a) physically b) mentally c) both physically and mentally d) neither physically or mentally
What government agency controls food and drugs
a) FDA b) FDC c) DFC d) EXP
Some OTC drugs were once Prescription Drugs
a) True b) False c) d)
The effect of a drug on a person will depend on what oher drugs that person is taking
a) true b) false c) d)
A person who is physically and mentally dependent on a drug is considered
a) a user b) addicted c) drug free d) a dealer
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