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Find the synonym of the word adjacent.
a) near b) away c) distant d) adjoining
How many years make up a decade?
a) 25 b) 10 c) 5 d) 11
Close to, near
a) Far away b) limited c) adjacent d) together
a) Having to do with the study of animals b) Having to do with the study of the mind c) Having to do with the study of man d) Having to do with the study of business
To drop down suddenly
a) ascend b) recession c) plummeted d) advance
A recession is
a) A break b) A time to go outside and play c) A slowdown in the nation's economy d) A feeling of sadness
Ascend means
a) To listen closely b) to climb or go up c) to walk across d) to imagine
Fill-in-the blank- The ------------ occurred due to businesses losing money.
a) collapse b) inaccuracy c) recession d) division
Fill-in-the-blank. The climber--------------- to the top of the mountain.
a) touched b) dived c) ascended d) glanced
Close to, near
a) cornered b) adjacent c) before d) situated
To plan, create, think
a) devise b) improvise c) pretend d) list
Choose the synonym for the word plan
a) decide b) deliver c) distance d) devise
a) correct b) right c) inaccurate d) mediocre
Becoming aware of something using the senses
a) imagery b) perception c) listing d) decision
To rise, climb up
a) plummeted b) adjacent c) ascend d) descend
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