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An exposed area of the oldest continental rock, or craton, is called
a) a volcano b) a shield c) an eon d) graptolite
What is the name of a sea scorpion that lived in the Silurian period?
a) crinoid b) ammonites c) dinosaur d) eurypterid
Mats of cyanobacteria that formed domes in Precambrian time are called
a) trilobites b) stromatolites c) graptolites d) foraminifera
A crablike invertebrate that is the most common fossil of the Cambrian is called
a) a trilobite b) an eurypterid c) dinosaur d) hominid
A modern human or a recent human like ancestor is called
a) a foraminifera b) an ammonite c) a hominid d) crinoid
The longest segment of geologic time is
a) a period b) an epoch c) an eon d) an era
Main divisions of an eon are divided into
a) period b) epochs c) eras d) hours
Eras are divided into
a) eons b) periods c) epochs d) days
Ancient plant-looking creatures related to seastars are called
a) foraminifera b) crinoids c) eurypterids d) trilobites
Ancient tiny animals that lived in oceans & are good index fossils are
a) trilobites b) graptolites c) eurypterids d) crinoids
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