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Antonym for required, mandatory
a) optional b) voluntary c) outright d)
Antonym for awkard, clumsy
a) nimble b) lazy c) impact d)
Meaning for a persom who has committed a crime
a) culprit b) capable c) pathetic d)
Meaning for to cut apart in preparation for scientific study
a) dissect b) insect c) dawdle d)
Meaning for an event resulting in death
a) fatality b) illicit c) cringe d)
Meaning for causing excitementor anger
a) inflammatory b) partition c) sinister d)
Meaning for to keep doing something in spite of difficulties
a) persevere b) persecute c) strong d)
Meaning for wealth, riches
a) affluence b) afloat c) arrears d)
Meaning for to shrink back or hide in fear
a) cringe b) crotchety c) strut d)
Meaning for warlike, fond of fighting
a) martial b) marsha c) cascade d)
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