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Which of the following is a property of an acid
a) red cabbage juice turns it red b) bitter taste c) smells bad d) bubbles when you pour it
Tells whether something is acid or base by changing colors
a) indicator b) pH scale c) molecule d) element
Which of the following is a property of a base
a) bitter taste b) sour taste c) red cabbage juice turns it red d) it is always clear
Tastes bitter; cabbage juice turns it blue
a) base b) acid c) indicator d) molecule
Tastes sour; cabbage juice turns it red
a) acid b) base c) electron d) element
Measures the strength of an acid or base
a) pH scale b) indicator c) acid meter d) neutron
Chart on which elements are listed and arranged
a) periodic table b) ph scale c) element chart d) periodic list
Postively charged atomic particle
a) proton b) positron c) neutron d) electron
Atomic particle with no charge (neutral)
a) neutron b) acid c) proton d) electron
Structure in middle of atom that contains protons and neutrons
a) nucleus b) neutron c) indicator d) ph scale
Substance made of only one kind of atom
a) element b) molecule c) indicator d) base
Negatively charged particle that circles nucleus of atom
a) electron b) proton c) nucleus d) neutron
The smallest part of an element
a) atom b) molecule c) indicator d) electron
Substance made of 2 or more elements chemically combined
a) atom b) molecule c) acid d) neutron
Which of the following is not a state of matter?
a) energy b) solid c) liquid d) gas
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