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A device that measures the distance of an object under water by recording echoes of sound waves.
a) sonar b) trench c) tide d) salinity
A smooth, nearly flat region of the deep ocean floor.
a) continental shelf b) abyssal plain c) continental slope d) mid-ocean ridge
the movement of water and sediment down a beach caused by waves coming into shore at an angle.
a) rip current b) trench c) tide d) longshore drift
A gently sloping, shallow area of ocean floor that expands outward from the edge of a continent.
a) continental shelf b) continental slope c) mid-ocean ridge d) upwelling
The daily rise and fall of Earth's waters on its coastline.
a) rip current b) trench c) tide d) upwelling
A climate event that occurs every 2-7 years in the Pacific Ocean.
a) Coriolis effect b) upwelling c) current d) El Nino
The movement of cold water upward.
a) upwelling b) current c) rip current d) tide
A rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea.
a) trench b) tide c) rip current d) upwelling
A large stream of moving water that flows through the ocean.
a) current b) tide c) rip tide d) upwelling
An under sea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced.
a) trench b) continental shelf c) mid-ocean ridge d) trench
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