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A ________________ is a machine that uses escaping gases to move.
a) Rocket b) Robot c) Space Station d)
A __________________ is a reusable vehicle that takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane.
a) space station b) space shuttle c) rover d)
National Aeronatics Space Administration
a) OHD b) TFK c) NASA d)
The speed and direction a rocket needs to completely break away from a planet's gravitational pull
a) orbital b) escape c) acceleration d)
In the _________________ chamber of a rocket fuel is under intense pressure
a) cone b) combustion c) nozzle d)
What two things does a rocket need to work?
a) fuel and oxidizer b) fuel and nitrogen c) oxidizer and hydrogen d)
Rockets work because of Newton's _____________ law
a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd d)
Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space and he was a cosmonaut from _________________.
a) USA b) United Kingdom c) USSR d)
What force accelerates a rocket
a) speed b) thrust c) gravity d)
International Space Station or ___________________ is an orbiting platform where astronauts work on science experiments.
a) ISS b) NASA c) OHD d)
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