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A species changes over time to better survive in environment
a) adaptation b) evolution c) natural selection d) variation
Species change over time to be able to survive
a) Evolution b) Adaptation c) Fossil d) Variation
When better adapted species survive and reproduce
a) Natural Selection b) Fossil c) Variation d) Extinction
Preserved remains of an organism that lived in the past
a) Fossil b) Natural Selection c) Camoflage d) Mimicry
An difference between individuals of the same species
a) Variation b) Extinction c) Limiting Factor d) Carrying Capacity
The disappearance of all members of a species
a) extinction b) variation c) camouflage d) mimicry
When an organism blends in with the surroundings
a) Camouflage b) Mimicry c) Extinction d) Variation
When an organism looks like another organism that is more dangerous
a) Mimicry b) Camouflage c) Carrying Capacity d) Limiting Factor
The largest population an area can support
a) Carrying Capacity b) Limiting Factor c) Natural Selection d) Variation
Something from prevents the population from growing or causes it to decrease
a) Limiting factor b) Carrying Capacity c) Fossil d) Adaptation
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