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Who was a Congressman from the South who tried to lead the South in nullifying the Tariff of Abominations during Jackson's presidency?
a) Andrew Jackson b) Simon Boliver c) Henry Clay d) John C. Calhoun
Who was a leading Congressman who represented the interests of the Western states?
a) John C. Calhoun b) Daniel Webster c) Henry Clay d) John Adams
Who was vice president to both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson?
a) John C. Calhoun b) William Marbury c) James Madison d) Daniel Webster
Who created the American System and Missouri Compromise and became known as the King of Compromise?
a) John C. Calhoun b) Daniel Webster c) James Monroe d) Henry Clay
Who was chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the Northwest portion of the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Luis de Onis b) Meriwether Lewis c) Simon Bolivar d) Tecumseh
Who was the President during the War of 1812?
a) James Madison b) James Monroe c) George Washington d) John Quincy Adams
Who was known as the Liberator and helped many Central and South American countries earn their independence?
a) William Clark b) Meriwether Lewis c) Zebulon Pike d) Simon Bolivar
What famous Native American united many tribes against the Americans in the War of 1812?
a) Sacagwea b) Tecumseh c) Black Hawk d) Osceola
Who was the Secretary of State who helped James Monroe create the Monroe Doctrine?
a) James Madison b) Andrew Jackson c) Henry Clay d) John Quincy Adams
Who was a famous War Hawk Congressman from the North who fought for Nothern beliefs in Congress?
a) Henry Clay b) John C. Calhoun c) Daniel Webster d) Simon Bolivar
What President is known for using the spoils system?
a) Andrew Jackson b) Henry Clay c) John Adams d) James Monroe
Who was the 4th President of the United States?
a) James Monroe b) James Madison c) John Quincy Adams d) Martin Van Buren
Who was chosen by Meriwether Lewis to accompany him on his journey of discovery of the Northwest portion of the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Zebulon Pike b) William Clark c) John Paul Jones d) Simon Bolivar
Who was the Governor of the Indiana Territory during the War of 1812 and a war general in the War of 1812 whose fame would later help him get elected as President?
a) Andrew Jackson b) Oliver Hazard Perry c) William Henry Harrison d) Samuel Slater
Who was the Chief Justice who decided many important Supreme Court cases including Marbury vs. Madison to establish judicial review?
a) John Marshall b) Henry Clay c) Thurgood Marshall d) William Marbury
Which President engaged in a famous fight against the National Bank of the United States and ended up shutting it down?
a) John Quincy Adams b) Andrew Jackson c) James Monroe d) James Madison
What famous first lady saved a painting of George Washington from being burned in the White House fire set by the British during the War of 1812?
a) Martha Washington b) Abigail Adams c) Dolley Madison d) Marilyn Monroe
Who was the Native American woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark on their journey to the West?
a) Pocahontas b) Sacagawea c) Tecumseh d) Osceola
What Secretary of State helped negotiate the Treaty that made Florida part of the United States?
a) John Quincy Adams b) James Monroe c) Andrew Jackson d) William Henry Harrison
Who was the 5th President of the United States?
a) Oliver Hazard Perry b) James Monroe c) James Madison d) William Henry Harrison
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