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Which is a group of infectious diseases?
a) cold, flu, pneumonia b) Parkinson's , Diabetes, skin cancer c) Lung disease, pancreatitis, liver disease d)
Too much exposure to UV light can lead to
a) diabetes b) a cold c) pneumonia d) skin cancer
Diabetes is a condition that deals with abnormally high ______ levels.
a) sodium b) potassium c) glucose d) iron
What is one of the major symptoms of Parkinson's disease?
a) upset stomach b) high fever c) tremors (shaking) d) muscle aches
An infectious disease can be spread..
a) from person to person b) from animal to person c) by touching a contaminated object d) all of the above
Athelete's foot is caused by which pathogen?
a) fungus b) bacteria c) virus d) protist
Which pathogen causes AIDS?
a) HPV b) HIV c) HDTV d) HPP
Diseases can either be ______ or ________.
a) big/small b) good/bad c) easy to get rid of/ hard to get rid of d) infectious/noninfectious
What pathogen causes influenza?
a) bacteria b) protists c) virus d) fungus
Which pathogen causes strep throat?
a) fungus b) bacteria c) virus d) protist
When located on an environmental surface cold viruses cannot reproduce.
a) True b) False c) d)
A ______ is a condition that does not allow the body to function normally.
a) virus b) sickness c) disease d) cold
These type of diseases are not caused by pathogens.
a) infectious b) noninfectious c) acute d) chronic
Which organ system does Asthma affect?
a) circulatory b) digestive c) urinary d) respiratory
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