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DNA evidence suggests that whales’ and hippos have a common ancestor. According to this evidence, the most recent common ancestor was a(n)
a) perissdactyl (odd-toed mammal) b) artiodactyl (even-toed mammal) c) mesonychid d) Pakicetus
Sometimes organisms decay and leave a cavity. When the cavity fills with sand or mud and hardens, it is called a
a) Cast b) shell c) Bone d) mold
Scientists can measure the actual age of a fossil or rock by a method called
a) C-13 dating b) Carbon dating c) radiowave dating d) transitional fossil dating
The two types of fossils that are formed in rocks are
a) Molds and bones b) Molds and casts c) bones and shells d) casts and shells
A __________ is formed when an organism is buried in sediments and the sediments change into rock.
a) cast b) shell c) bone d) mold
Analogous structures…
a) have the same external structure, but are used for a different purposes. b) have the same internal structure, but are used for different purposes. c) have different structures and are used for different purposes. d) have different internal structures, but are used for the same purpose.
Which of the following pairs is an example of homologous structures?
a) a bat’s wing and a cat’s back leg b) a butterfly’s wing and a bat’s wing c) a human arm and a sea turtle’s front flipper d) a butterfly’s wing and a bird’s wing
Which of the following is an example of a vestigial structure?
a) a whale's hind legs b) a bat's wing c) a turtle's front flipper d) a human's thumb
William discovered that two modern-day species have very similar DNA. He concludes that the two species are closely related. What type of evidence did William most likely use to reach his conclusion?
a) fossil evidence b) genetic evidence c) anatomical evidence d) evidence from developmental patterns
Which of these cases provides embryological evidence that two species share a common ancestor?
a) two species with very similar DNA b) two species with different body structures c) two species with different structures that have similar functions d) two different species with similar patterns of early development
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