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Example of a gastropod
a) snail b) clam c) octopus d) sea anemone
Example of a cephalopod
a) snail b) mussel c) octopus d) jellyfish
Tongue-like organ used for getting food off surfaces, such as rocks
a) mantle b) radula c) gill d) foot
Thin layer that covers the body and makes the shell of some mollusks
a) radula b) gills c) mantle d) propulsion
The movement of squids and octopuses
a) momentum b) propelment c) expulsion d) propulsion
Mollusks that have one or no shells and use a radula
a) cephalopods b) bivalves c) gastropods d)
Mollusks with an closed circulatory system
a) cephalopods b) bivalves c) mammals d) gastropods
Mollusks that have two shells and an open circulatory system are called ___________.
a) gastropods b) cephalopods c) bivalves d) bicases
Example of a bivalve
a) slug b) oyster c) cuttlefish d) snail
An open circulatory system means that blood runs through vessels to the different organs
a) True b) False c) d)
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