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Which is not a characteristic of life?
a) cells b) homeostasis c) grow and develop d) dichotomous key
When a living thing reacts to something
a) offspring b) stimulus/response c) inherit DNA d) energy
The genus of humans is
a) sapien b) Homo c) Animalia d) Phylum
Which is not true of taxonomy?
a) scientific names are often written in Latin b) Carl Linneaus developed the 5 kingdom system c) dichotomous keys can be used to identify organisms d) we still go by Aristotle's 2 kingdom system
The most specific level of classification is...
a) kingdom b) phylun c) genus d) species
What term refers to how we write scientific names?
a) kingdoms b) binomial nomenclature c) genus d) taxonomy
What kingdom consists of prokaryote unicellular cells such as bacteria?
a) Monera b) Protista c) Fungi d) Plantae
What eukaryote kingdom has heterotrophs, autotrophs, unicellular, and multicellular organisms
a) Monera b) Protista c) Animalia d) Fungi
What kingdom are multicellular autotrophic eukaryotes?
a) Animalia b) Fungi c) Plantae d) Monera
Heterotrophic eukaryotes that can be unicellular or multicellular...
a) Monera b) Protista c) Fungi d) Plantae
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