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The degree of freedom from errors measured from zero, usually expresses as 1 error, 2 errors, etc.; sometimes as errors a minute (EAM) or percent of errors
a) Delete b) Enter c) Accuracy d) Keyboarding
To use vertical line spacing that leaves no blank space between printed lines of copy (press return 1 time).
a) Single-Space (SS) b) Delete c) Enter d) Double-Space (DS)
The placing of text so that half the copy is on each side of the center point
a) Document b) Keyboarding c) Edit d) Centering
The development of the ability to input data by touch using the alphabetic and numeric keys on a computer and/or typewriter keyboard.
a) Accuracy b) Keyboarding c) Centering d) Document
Either of two keys on a PC keyboard that is held down while pressing another key, as to issue a command.
a) Edit b) Delete c) Home Row Position d) Control Key
Involves placing each finger on a designated home key. The fingers reach upward or downward as needed to depress the other keys, but each finger always returns to the home position after a key is struck.
a) Double-Space (DS) b) Home Row Position c) Control Key d) Accuracy
To remove from text a segment of copy such as a character, a word, a line, a sentence, etc.; also, a word processing feature that allows the operator to eliminate a defined block of text.
a) Delete b) Document c) Centering d) Accuracy
Formatted information such as a letter, memo, report, table, or form.
a) Delete b) Control Key c) Document d) Home Row Position
To arrange, change, and correct existing text; editing includes proofreading but is not limited to it.
a) Edit b) Delete c) Accurancy d) Keyboarding
To use vertical line spacing that leaves 3 blank line spaces between printed lines of copy; equals 4 single-spaced lines (press return 4 times).
a) Quadruple-Space b) Enter c) Double-Space d) Single-Space
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