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the ability to do work or to make a change
a) develop b) living c) cells d) energy
now alive or once was a alive
a) develop b) living c) cells d) non-living
not alive now and never was alive
a) energy b) non-living c) living d) respondto
to change because of new conditions
a) cells b) adapt c) living d) energy
to make another living things of the same kind
a) reproduce b) respond c) cells d) develop
to grow or expand
a) living b) cells c) energy d) develop
tiny parts of living things that carry everything needed for life
a) energy b) develop c) adapt d) cells
to react to something that happens
a) respond b) reproduce c) energy d) cells
Which are characteristics of life?
a) develop, adapt, made of sugar b) speak English, adapt, made of sugar c) develop, remain the same, eat fruit and vegetables d) develop, adapt, made of cells
Which are characteristics of life?
a) use energy, reproduce, respond b) eat paper, reproduce, respond c) use energy, reproduce, ask questions d) use energy, divide, ask questions
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