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Yellow Journalism along with the USS Maine were causes of the Spanish-American War.
a) True b) False c) d)
The assassination of Austrian Archduke ____________ marked the beginning of WWI.
a) Franz Joseph b) Franz Ferdinand c) Nicholas Romanov d) Alexis Romanov
This marked the beginning of the French Revolution
a) Storming of the Bastille b) The Tennis Court Oath c) The National Convention d) The Coup of the Directory
Napoleon took control of France during the French Revolution after the coup of :
a) The National Assembly b) The Legislative Assembly c) The Committee of Public Safety d) The Directory
His death marked an end to the absolute monarchy in France
a) King Charles I b) King Louis XVI c) Maxamillien Robespierre d) Napoleon Bonaparte
Sharing of a common culture, nationality, religion, etc....
a) Mercantilism b) Imperialism c) Industrialism d) Nationalism
The Napoleonic Wars doubled the size of the _________ Empire.
a) British b) Austro-Hungarian c) French d) Bulgarian
Who led the movement towards German/Prussian unification?
a) Otto Von Bismarck b) Camillo Cavour c) Giuseppe Garibaldi d) Victor Emmanuel
Agustin Iturbide and Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla led independence movements in
a) South America b) Haiti c) Mexico d) Cuba
The only successful slave revolt in history was in _______.
a) Cuba b) Jamaica c) The Dominican Republic d) Haiti
The South American independence movements wanted to eliminate the _________ presence.
a) European b) African c) Asian d) Canadian
The _______ industry was the first to industrialize in the 18th century.
a) textile b) automobile c) aviation d) munitions
The invention of the ______________ ended the need to use water as a power source to operate a factory.
a) steam boat b) water frame c) spinning jenny d) steam engine
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