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What is your name?
a) Helen b) Susan c) Jim d) Gerry
What do you like to eat?
a) Fish b) honey c) sushi d) liver
Are you sleepy
a) yes b) no c) maybe d) not yet
a) ee b) eew c) dee d) rr
Who is your friend
a) kim b) linda c) manuel d) keith
What's your favorite song?
a) lift every voice b) yesterday c) i saw a fly d) oh my time
What's for dinner?
a) steak b) ham c) sausage d) bacon
Why me
a) because b) i c) said d) so
Name your class
a) Kipp b) Yester c) Gyer d) Momet
How do you spell relief?
a) relief b) helief c) belief d) velief
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