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Extreme, chauvinistic patriotism, often favoring an aggressive warlike foreign policy.
a) Bigot b) Jingoism c) Candid d) Expunge
To enlarge; to increase in amount or intensity
a) Strident b) Candid c) Expunge d) Augment
Complete disorder
a) Chaos b) Strident c) Negligence d) Augment
To calm; to make satisfied.
a) Augment b) Jingoism c) Appease d) Strident
Harsh sounding; grating
a) Argot b) Strident c) Bigot d) Chaos
Careless neglect, often resulting in injury.
a) Negligence b) Strident c) Chaos d) Appease
Outspoken; blunt
a) Bigot b) Chaos c) Candid d) Appease
Special words or phrases used by a specific group of people.
a) Bigot b) Jingoism c) Augment d) Argot
To erase or eliminate.
a) Expunge b) Jingoism c) Augment d) Candid
One who is intolerant of differences in others.
a) Argot b) Bigot c) Strident d) Chaos
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