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An object\'s _________________ is its mass divided by it\'s volume.
a) Density b) Volume c) Matter d) Weight
Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
a) Mixing paint colors b) Baking a cake c) Sanding rust off a bridge d) Pressing fibers to make paper
Water and sugar can be mixed. How much sugar can be dissolved in a given amount of water?
a) Enough to turn the water into a solid. b) An indefinite amount c) Only as much as the solvent can hold d) About a cup
Julie wanted to compare the growth of a plant with and without a special plant food. She planted a seed in each of the two pots of soil. She added plant food to one pot. Every week she measured each plant. She compared their growth by making a bar
a) Line Graph b) Pie Chart c) Concept Map d) Data table
A block of metal has a length of 3 cm, a width of 5 cm, a height of 10 cm, and a mass of 3000g. Find the density of the block in g/cm3.
a) 15 cm3 b) 1500 cm3 c) 150 cm3 d) 30 cm3
Which of the following tools would be used to measure the VOLUME of a glass of milk?
a) A microscope with a ruler calibrated in microns b) A graduated cylinder in milliliters c) A metric ruler calibrated in millimeters d) A meter stick calibrated in centimeters
When a solid substance is added to a liquid and the solid substance seems to disappear, the result is a
a) solution b) mixture c) solvent d) suspension
______________________ is a form of energy that is produced by the movement of molecules in a substance.
a) Temperature b) Conduction c) Radiation d) Heat
The type of graph that shows data as parts or percentage of a whole is called a
a) line graph b) bar graph c) data graph d) pie chart
Do you really want to take this quiz on Friday?
a) No b) Yes c) Maybe d) Do I have a choice?
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