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For a living, most of the people in South Asia are ________.
a) doctors b) teachers c) farmers d) slaves
Which country in South Asia has a growing information technology industry because of improved education?
a) Japan b) India c) China d) U.S.
India has many of the same freedoms that the United States has. What type of government does India have?
a) monarchy b) democracy c) communist d) theocracy
________ are raw materials used to make goods and services.
a) oil b) natural resources c) gas d) water
When the government decides what will be produced and how, what type of government is this?
a) market b) command c) traditional d) mixed
What type of economic system do most modern countries have?
a) traditional b) command c) market d) mixed
American companies save money by __________ and hiring Indian workers.
a) outsourcing b) training c) firing d) teaching
What religion did Siddartha Gautama create?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Christianity d) Islam
In order for India to participate in trading with the rest of the world, this language is taught in schools.
a) Spanish b) Chinese c) English d) Indian
In a parliamentary democracy _______ ________ is head of governement.
a) president b) religious leader c) ambassador d) prime minister
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