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If you study law, you studying the field of ....
a) jurisprudence b) jurisdiction c) perjure d) impunity
A person who is involved in a lawsuit.
a) jurisidiction b) litigant c) autonomous d) syndicate
If you receive this, you have to go to court.
a) litigation b) subpeona c) impunity d) punitive
You will go to jail if you do this (lie).
a) litigant b) subpeona c) perjure d) impunity
The opposite of a friend.
a) perjure b) jurisprudence c) nemesis d) syndicate
We all like to be independent or...
a) autonomous b) litigant c) jurisdiction d) perjure
A group of people
a) jurisdiction b) syndicate c) autonomous d) impunity
This root means law
a) juris b) liti c) nom, nem d) dic
If you think you won't get in trouble, you may feel
a) punitive b) subpeona c) impunity d) jurisdiction
This root is Greek
a) liti b) juris c) pun d) dic
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