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Which country has water pollution from droughts and flooding?
a) Thailand b) California c) Russia d) Peru
Which country’s water cycle cannot keep up with the demands for water?
a) Costa Rica b) China c) Spain d) India
Governments require industrial companies to reduce 15-20% carbon dioxide in which country?
a) Zambia b) Thailand c) England d) Russia
There is a cap of 3.9 billion tons being put on coal consumption in which county?
a) Spain b) Florida c) Italy d) China
People who live near agricultural areas are having health problems such as cancers in which country?
a) Ethiopia b) Kenya c) Spain d) Thailand
In what country has increased nitrogen-containing pollutants that have increased more than half in 30 years?
a) America b) South America c) England d) China
What percentage of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen gas?
a) 2% b) 78% c) 62% d) 82%
One way to take CO2 out of the atmosphere is?
a) Photosynthesis b) Respiration c) Combustion d) Decomposition
What drives the Carbon, Nitrogen, and water cycle?
a) Clouds b) Sun c) Decomposers d) Animals
If water vapor loses enough heat it changes back to a...
a) Gas b) Liquid c) Solid d) Vapor
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